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DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this application is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. I understand that any false or misleading information may result in the disqualification of my application. I also understand that the scholarship committee has the right to verify the information I have provided and to make inquiries as necessary to determine my eligibility for the scholarship. I grant permission for the scholarship committee to contact any of the individuals or organizations listed as references and to access my background records.


Letitia Ohene-Effah is a transformational leadership strategist and a Co-Founder of LeadAfrique International

A catalyst for profound change and empowerment, Letitia Ohene-Effah has dedicated the past decade to revolutionizing mindsets and fueling growth across diverse sectors, from youth empowerment to corporate leadership and entrepreneurship.

Her transformative leadership style has shattered barriers and empowered individuals to unlock their true potential, seize opportunities, and leave a lasting impact on the world.

With an unwavering commitment to elevating consciousness, Letitia infuses purpose and passion into every endeavor, inspiring others to embrace authenticity and pursue their dreams with vigor.

At LeadAfrique International, she has pioneered innovative approaches to leadership development, guiding individuals towards clarity, confidence, and authenticity through liberation-focused methodologies. 

Her impact extends to, an online platform where seekers cultivate daily wisdom, unlocking the keys to success and fulfillment.

With over three decades of experience, Letitia has left an indelible mark in the corporate arena. As Brands and Marketing Manager for the UT Group of Companies, she championed initiatives to empower female entrepreneurs and foster SME growth. 

Her tenure at Origin8 showcased her expertise in brand management and strategic partnerships, working with renowned brands like Nestle and GSMF.

Collaborating with esteemed partners such as OIC International, Star Ghana Foundation, and Swedish Center Party International, Letitia has demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change globally.

A seasoned coach and mentor, Letitia has played a pivotal role in initiatives like the Social Enterprises Women's Business Accelerator, preparing women-led businesses for sustainable growth. 

Her influence extends to the boardrooms of executives and senior managers, where she orchestrates organizational transformations and cultivates cultures of excellence.

Letitia's impact transcends borders, reaching over 100,000 individuals across schools, institutions, and communities in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, USA, UK, and Kuwait.

Her diverse skill set encompasses business model development, go-to-market strategies, organizational design, operations management, strategic Human Resources, change management and business development.

Letitia stands as a beacon of excellence, guiding others towards their highest potential, and illuminating paths to a brighter future.

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