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Message From Founder 

Captain Prince Kofi Amoabeng

The African Renaissance will continue to elude us for as long as our leaders do not realize that Leadership is a unique privilege and gratifcation to serve all the people by Respecting, giving Hope, and Uplifting them. Leadership should never be about lording over the people but rather ensuring that people live by the right systems and principles as exemplify by the leader. A leader must have and live by the right values that must impact his her subordinates to enable them to deliver great and exciting products and services to the living and always striving to make the world a better place for all.

The PKA Foundation is precisely about changing and developing the mindset of the new generation of leaders and those in leadership as they traverse the leadership Journey. Our practical experience of founding a company with three people in a single room at Kantamanto in Accra to be coming an international conglomerate which included a universal bank and employing directly over 2500 people, then eventually going through the collapse of the universal bank puts us in a unique position to guide direct budding African leaders on principles, culture, behaviour and attitudes that will create the new African leadership to get Africa out of our current deplorable situation.


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